Opening at Marta Herford | Harmony and Transition

Last friday I’ve attended the opening at Marta Herford. The new exhibition is about Chinese landscape reflections in international contemporary art. An opening is always special. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a gallery or a museum. The artists are usually present and if not there normaly still a couple of real fashionistas. Well yes, openings are about beeing seen not so much about the shown art. If you’re interested in the art you better come back at a normal day when you have the ability to enjoy it in peace. But openings are fun of course. I love to watch all the dressed up people and get inspiration for new outfits. And I like the opening parties which are normaly held in the museum restaurant afterwards. So at an opening you get it all: fashion, art and gossip at it’s best. Well, and champagne of course.

The exhibition

The charm of landscapes, cliffs, trees or water shrouded in mist has always had a great appeal for artists. In Chinese art, this fascination has a long tradition under the heading of Shan-shui. Using an extraordinary diversity of material, contemporary artists from China and the Far East, as well as from Europe, engage with this longing and transfer it to the present day. Thus, with paintings on canvas, photography, sculptures in clay, ink and gunpowder on paper, on coins or fabrics, with video, installations and murals, the Chinese landscape depiction becomes the starting point for what is also a critical reflection on idealization, utopias and the deceptive appearance of contemporary places of longing.

One of the exhibition galleries


Kris Martin, Water, 2012, Courtesy Lucy Hoet Collection


Huang Yan, Series: Chinese landscape: Tattoo, 1999, Courtesy M+ Sigg Collection

Post Image: Isaac Julien, Yishan Island, Mist (Ten Thousand Waves), 2010, © Isaac Julien, Collection Wemhöner

New Inspiration

If a girl enters the room in Louboutin heels you will always recognise her. Especially when she is as pretty as Hannah from Berlin. She is an artist assistant and a friend of the co-curator of the exhibition Philipp Bollmann who works for a private collection. That’s what I like about openings so much: you meet interesting people all the time.

#dress | ZARA

#shoes | Christian Louboutin

#handbag | Louis Vuitton


Another awesome thing about openings is that you meet people you know or you worked with. As I worked for Marta Herford nearly four years it always feels like coming home. And I was very excited to celebrate the night with my former colleagues Nelly and Sarah.

Nelly (left side)

#dress | Marc Cain

#jacket | Marc Cain

Sarah (middle)

#dress | Vila

#bag | Hallhuber


My Outfit

As I were pretty undesided I went for the little black dress that night. I have plenty different ones and if you’re not sure what to wear it’s the best choice you have for every occasion – except for a wedding. And I wore my new Flip*Flop wegdes with them. Always wear heels at openings 😉


#glasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs

#dress | S.Oliver

#coat | Vila

#shoes | Flip*Flop

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